The ability to switch something on or off wirelessly using radio transmitters and receivers is both simple and convenient. Many manufacturers incorporate this technology into their standard products. For example, locking/unlocking most cars, operating doors, garages, gates, lifts, winches etc.

Market trends call for small, compact and stylish transmitters that can easily be carried in a pocket, bag etc.. Unfortunately for many users the benefits of this wireless equipment is often limited by the design, tiny buttons being a particular issue.

Champness Door Controls Ltd offer a bespoke service to improve the usability of standard radio controlled equipment. This has proved to be extremely popular in the adapted vehicle market, where wheelchair lift, and key controls are incorporated into a single unit. (more details)

Furthermore we are also able to advise on adding radio frequency technology to other systems. A recent project involved wireless control of a large lake pump and lights from over 300m away.