Champness Door Controls also provide automatic gates for domestic premises. The experience and skills from the access control and door automation industry are directly transferable to gate automation. Several specialist gate companies use our services to complete their projects, particulalry with regard to compatible intercoms and video entry systems.

When providing a new installation, we choose FAAC products for our gate automation. FAAC is the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of access automation systems. Equipment is of high quality, very reliable and excellent technical support and after sales service are readily available.

We are not restricted by brand or automation manufacturer, and can interface additional equipment, intercoms, remote controls, keypads etc. to any new or existing automatic gate.

Another area that is becoming increasingly popular in the domestic market is the use of GSM intercom systems. These utilise the mobile phone network and are usually programmed to call the house, before diverting to a mobile phone if no one answers. This ensures you never miss a visitor wherever you are in the world, and if you wish, can allow the visitor access at the touch of a button from your phone. Great for receiving deliveries, tradesmen etc. and far more secure than giving out access codes.